About Us

Coffee On Cue has supplied coffee carts to a growing list of Australia’s most well-known companies and assisted with the running of events for between 20 and 30,000 people. Our unique brand of coffee catering solutions has allowed us to develop a solid working relationship with our customers who appreciate our professionalism, high standards in hospitality, and of course our coffee.

Our Vision

To be the leaders in the world in event specialty coffee.

Our Purpose

To elevate every event that we are a part of. We approach each interaction as an opportunity to create an experience.

Our Values

We’re family first
The little things count
We must be the duck
We stay hungry
Be authentic, drive connection
Communication is honest & constructive

From the founder

Coffee On Cue Founder Ryan Spaccavento

Australia is famous the world over for roasting & brewing coffee. We’re famous for creating memorable hospitality experiences for locals and touristscoffee is in our DNA.

I started Coffee On Cue because there was a huge gap between what you could get at a great cafe and the coffee you could get at an event. 

We exist to bridge that gap and create memorable event experiences through good old-fashioned service and of course by serving great coffee. When you work with us you’ll quickly notice that our team all share a genuine love for hospitality and want to make a difference to the day of each person we come into contact with. 

Ryan Spaccavento


For a more personal look into our history, check out this blog post "Why I switched to hospo" by Coffee On Cue founder Ryan Spaccavento.

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