Branding your coffee machine or cups provides another touchpoint to your message and is great to communicate your message in a visual yet simple way. It's also a great way to tie together your event collateral, or act as a tool to highlight corporate sponsorship. We have two simple yet sleek options to help you communicate your message at your event.



Branded panel

We can create your own branded panel that fits perfectly at eye level to the front of the coffee machine. Your artwork can be a logo or completely customised artwork to the space. This is an affordable solution with high impact. Branded panels are a one-off cost and reusable for any future events with us. 


Branded cups

Branded cups are a great way to tie together your branding experience. They are perfect to accompany a branded panel for larger events like conferences, trade shows and activations. We simplify getting your message to the hands of each attendee or delegate with our artwork ordering process. Order minimums start from 500 cups and have a lead time of 3 weeks.