Our Menu

Milk Based Coffee

Flat white, cappuccino, latte, piccolo latte, macchiato, mocha, magic 

Black Coffee

Espresso, long black

Other Milk Beverages

Hot chocolate, chai latte

T2 Tea

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, peppermint, sencha green tea

Double shot, Soy & Almond milk all inclusive.

Our coffee is roasted weekly In-house 

After serving over 50,000 cups of coffee roasted by others we wanted to create a coffee blend that was amazing served black as well incredible with milk too. The brief was to create a unique coffee that had body, brightness and berry notes. We set to finding a combination of beans that delivered on this brief and went through the process of cupping, roast profiling, tasting and tweaking until we were satisfied with the outcome.

Our Blend is called the Elevate Blend, it’s name is taken from our company’s purpose “to elevate every event that we are a part of”.

Top quality coffee carts for hire throughout Sydney & Melbourne

We have a wide selection of products and services to suit requirements of every type.


OpTION 1 | LA MARZOCCO Twin gs3 coffee cart

Perfect For Medium - large events 50-200 PAX, Corporate events, conferencing

Capacity per hour One Barista 90 cups per hour  | Two Baristas 160 cups per hour

Power Spec 2 x 10 amp power outlets

Branding Option N/A (Cups only)



Perfect For Medium to large events (100 + PAX, high volume, multi day events)

Capacity per hour One Barista 90 cups per hour | Two Baristas 160 cups per hour

Power Spec  1 x 20 amp power outlet + 1 x 10 amp power outlet
(32 amp single phase splitter can also be provided)

Branding Option  Branded Panel Front of the Machine W 690 X 160 MM


Visuals with both carts wrapped in branding

Coffee Cart Dimensions

1.8 metres (front) x 1.5 metres deep.

Whilst our cart is only 700mm deep, the 1.5 metre measurement gives the barista enough standing space behind the coffee cart.