Environmental Impact

We are committed to helping event organisers move towards holding events that are as waste neutral as possible.

Our cups

Our cups and lids that we use are both biodegradable and compostable. We welcome re-usable cups to be used at events.

Our Coffee

All coffee that is used at each event that we work at is collected and taken back to our HQ and put into an energy rejuvenation program. This means that all coffee that is used is broken down and used to create green energy.

Social Impact

Coffee with a cause, making real world Impact

We are proud to partner and purchase from two coffee farms and support social causes in each. This means that 100% of our coffee has a positive impact on the areas of which the coffee originates and is equally traceable.

San Rafael, Popayan, Cauca, Colombia (75%)

As a positive alternative to low market prices paid to farmers, our relationship with this farm has a set price many times above the market. To offer support the next generation of coffee producers in face of internal troubles, we are proud to support an education program for the children of farmers within Popayan to help promote coffee farming as a sustainable opportunity for generations to come. 

Nziza Collective, Kivu Lake, Rwanda (25%)

Having survived the genocide and are now single mothers or sole income earners for their families, the 200 women of the Nziza Collective have banded together to support each other and produce an excellent cup. Through partnering with this coffee, the first medical clinic in their Kivu Lake region is now under constructed.

Above: Nziza Collective, photo credit to our barista & coffee purchasing partner Daniel