Grievance Policy

1. Purpose

Coffee on Cue Pty Ltd is committed to providing a harmonious working environment where all employees feel they are treated with dignity and respect. This Grievance Policy is established to ensure that employees have a mechanism to address their workplace concerns or grievances in a fair and equitable manner.

2. Policy Statement

Coffee on Cue encourages open communication and feedback from all employees. We are committed to addressing grievances promptly, confidentially, and professionally. This policy provides a structured process for employees to submit their grievances and seek resolution.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, including full-time, part-time, temporary staff, contractors, and interns, covering grievances that might arise during the course of employment.

4. Definition of a Grievance

A grievance is any concern, problem, or complaint that an employee raises with the company. Grievances may relate to:

  • Any aspect of employment
  • Conditions of employment
  • Health and safety issues
  • Bullying, harassment, or discrimination
  • Relationships with colleagues or management
  • Policies and procedures being incorrectly applied or unfairly imposed
  • Work environment or equipment issues

5. Principles

  • All grievances will be treated seriously and dealt with fairly and promptly.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible.
  • No employee will be penalized or subjected to any form of retribution as a result of raising a grievance in good faith.

6. Grievance Procedure

Step 1: Informal Resolution

  • Whenever possible, employees are encouraged to address their grievance informally with their immediate supervisor or manager.
  • If the grievance involves the immediate supervisor, the employee may approach the next level of management or HR.

Step 2: Formal Grievance

  • If the grievance cannot be resolved informally, the employee should submit a formal grievance in writing to their manager or HR. The grievance should detail the nature of the complaint, including any relevant facts, dates, and names of individuals involved.
  • On receipt of the formal grievance, HR will acknowledge it in writing and initiate an investigation within five working days.

Step 3: Investigation

  • The investigation will be thorough, impartial, and, where necessary, may involve interviews with all parties involved and with witnesses.
  • Upon completion of the investigation, a decision will be communicated to the employee, normally within ten working days from the acknowledgment of the grievance.

Step 4: Appeal

  • If the employee is not satisfied with the outcome of the formal grievance, they have the right to appeal. The appeal should be made in writing, stating the grounds of appeal, to a senior manager or designated appeal officer within five working days of the grievance outcome.
  • The appeal officer will review the grievance, conduct a hearing if necessary, and make a final decision.

7. Record Keeping

  • All grievances and documentation related to investigations will be kept confidential and stored securely.

8. Policy Review

  • This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and best practices.


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