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Coffee On Cue specialises in working collaboratively with trade stand builders to produce exquisite and functional displays in Australia’s premiere exhibition spaces. 

When you hire a coffee cart at a conference or tradeshow it allows you to engage, on average, 80% of the total audience. A coffee cart is a proven necessity to keep a crowd happy, retain their attention, and create a memorable experience. The stand offering the best coffee is generally the most popular throughout the show.

Whether you are looking to hire a coffee cart to place on a trade stand booth or have a custom built trade stand and coffee bench we can tailor solutions for any conference. 


✓  Connect with more customers and prospects at your stand quickly

✓  Guarantee ROI on your exhibition investment with a memorable experience like no other

✓  Work with event professionals that understand events and exhibiting, no hassles - no worries

✓ Nail hospitality with one single point of contact


Case Study Tourism Victoria | AIME 2015/16

Tourism Victoria came to us with a brief to help them represent Melbourne for the vibrant hospitality capital that it is. The conference in question was the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE15), held over four days at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Each year this show rotates to different states throughout Australia—when we were on home turf we knew we had a special job at hand, and we knew we needed to represent Melbourne for all that it is.





Four roasters were selected to best represent Melbourne: Industry Beans, Seven Seeds, St. Ali & Market Lane. We showcased a different roaster on each day of the conference with a matched food menu for the breakfast session. For each day the signage rotated with the roaster and we created a coffee experience synonymous with Melbourne cafe culture. We partnered with tradestand builder Exponet to have two custom-built coffee bars on the stand (measuring in total size 9m2) ensuring maximum exposure and people served. 




The result was over 1000 people served each day of the conference. The feedback was overwhelming with delegates from all over the show voting with their feet: Tourism Victoria had the longest lines, served the most coffee, and proved once and for all that Melbourne coffee is the best that Australia has to offer. 


I’ll be honest: we’ve had some ordinary experiences with coffee carts in the past. As we were representing the City of Melbourne, when we looked at booking for the Australian Tourism Expo we needed a coffee cart company that could provide the standard of coffee service that customers would associate with our great city. Needless to say, my (admittedly low) expectations were completely exceeded.
I was surprised and pleased at everything—the efficiency, the positive attitude, the standout service, the proactive handling of problems without my awareness (eg. fridges), the dedication to sourcing and serving outstanding coffee, the capacity to go above and beyond the original estimation without any problems or qualms, the clarity of communication, your flexibility (eg. bringing in extra baristas at short notice), and the way you were able to facilitate working with MCEC as well. Even the information that was available on your website was great.
I could go on and on about how happy I am about our engagement, and I wouldn’t hesitate to place Melbourne’s prestigious coffee reputation in the capable hands of Coffee On Cue and their wonderfully trained baristas. You made it very easy to provide great service, and it was a pleasure to have you and your team on the booth.

Tania Jacobs | Tourism Victoria