Australia’s Best Small Coffee Carts and Machines

What coffee do you use?

Our coffee is carefully selected by multi-award winning Melbourne roaster Industry Beans. Enjoyed by all crowds served black or white. Our blend is comprised of Kenyan, Indian and Brazilian beans roasted medium. It is a full-bodied, balanced espresso blend with notes of citrus, cherry and cocoa. 


Do I have to use the venue's own coffee cart?

Each venue has its own rules and regulations across Australia so it is best to contact the venue for further clarification on this matter. We also have strong relationships with many of the five star hotels, convention and conference centres. In the example of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) we are able to trade in there with a daily external catering fee paid. Even with the surcharge factored in we are still significantly more affordable and provide a much higher level of service. If you do have questions surrounding this, we are more than happy to help.


How many drinks will I need for my guests?

This is largely dependent on how many guests are attending your event. Most events will have key periods where guests will want a coffee. Before session, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. As a general guide, most of our catered events with an average of 120 people will consume between 320-340 beverages in a full day.


What do you need to be setup?

We will need sufficient access to the area where the coffee cart’s going to be setup.

We also require 10AMP power (standard connection). For higher volume jobs we can require 15AMP power. We’ll also need access to water.


What sort of coffee cart/coffee machine will I need?

This will be determined by the amount of beverages you order over what period. 

For example, if you are holding a small event with under 150 PAX across an 8-hour day you will be issued with a compact WEGA twin group coffee machine. For events larger than 200 PAX we’ll set you up with a full size WEGA twin group coffee machine. It’s larger and has the ability to output more beverages—faster. We trust WEGA machines to provide great coffee without unnecessary complications.


How many beverages will I need at my event?

For corporate events and conferences, we typically serve coffee upon arrival, for morning tea, with lunch, and as afternoon tea For an event with 120 delegates for a full day we will provide 320 cups as our minimum included. From here we scale up beverages, baristas and coffee carts based on your delegate numbers and specific requirements.


How much coffee can you make at any one time?

A really common question we get asked is how much coffee can we produce in a break period (generally 30 minutes). Here are some average speeds on both of our coffee carts, compact and full-sized.

Compact Machine:

One barista can output 60 coffees an hour

Two Compact Machines:

Two baristas  can output 120 coffees an hour

Full Sized Machine:

One barista can output 90 coffees an hour

Full Sized Machine Two Baristas:

Two baristas can output 150+ coffees an hour

What kind of power/water requirements do you have?

Our coffee machines are either a 10AMP (standard power point) or 15AMP (standard power point with a larger earth pin) for our larger volume/full-sized coffee machines. For larger conferences we recommend you book one of our 15AMP WEGA coffee machines. The benefit behind a 15AMP coffee machine is that the barista(s) will be able to pour more beverages in a shorter time.

We have found that in most conferences/trade shows there is often a period of high demand when delegates are in the trade show halls and slower periods when sessions are in. As for water, all of our coffee machines come with a 20 L water tank which can be filled on site. There is no need to plumb our coffee carts into mains water.


What are the dimensions of the coffee cart?

To get an idea around the footprint of Australia’s best small coffee carts, each coffee cart has a footprint of:

1.8 metres (front) x 1.5 metres deep. Whilst our cart is only 700mm deep, the 1.5 metre measurement gives the barista enough standing space behind the coffee cart.  If our coffee cart is going on a trade stand/booth we advise that it’s placed nearest to the front to draw the crowd in easily.


Can you work on my custom built trade stand?

We are able to supply a coffee machine and grinder only for custom built trade stands. We have done this multiple times with different trade stand builders and can partner with them to ensure the build is a success.


We run conferences across multiple states, can you help?

Absolutely. In Melbourne alone we often have more than six shows running concurrently with our coffee carts. Through our relationship with CafeInaBox we are able to supply coffee carts throughout Australia in every major city. 


Can you brand the coffee cart for me?

This is a service which is offered to all our customers and it's as easy as emailing us your company logo—we take care of the rest. We find this a key factor in showing delegates who is providing their complimentary coffee to them.

If you wish to create your own unique design for the branding plate the measurements are as follows:

Small - Medium Sized Events - 160 mm x 480 mm

Large Events  - 160 mm x 690 mm


What beverages/drinks will you provide?

Our menu includes espresso, flat white, cappuccino, mocha, latte, ristretto, long black, T2 Tea, chai and hot chocolate. We use the very best Grinders coffee beans to ensure the best quality results.


Do you only offer hot beverages?

That’s right, we only offer hot beverages. Our menu is extensive and includes; coffee, tea, chai and hot chocolate. If you are after catering, we may be able to put you in contact with a caterer should you need one.


Will you provide different types of milk?

Variety is the spice of life! We provide full cream, skim by Riverina Fresh and Pacific Soy at no extra charge.


What are the hidden costs?

There are none. We don’t charge extra for double shots, soy or bumping in or out on different days. We are upfront about our costing and it is all inclusive.


Can you cater for my party?

Typically we work on corporate events exclusively. We do this because we have specific access requirements. If you are having a private event, contact us and we can see if we can help you out.


Can I supply my own cups?

You sure can. If you are supplying takeaway cups, we work with 8 oz. cups only. This is mainly to maintain a high speed and consistent product.


Can you print my logo on the cups?

We know a great company who we’ll put you in touch with to make this happen.


What areas do you cover?

At the moment we cover coffee cart hire in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are however able to act as one point of supply for multi-city or national events through our relationship with Cafeinabox.


Can we pay with credit card?

Whilst EFT is preferred we can accept major credit cards. A 2% Surcharge is added for all credit cards.


How much will it cost?

Our pricing model is highly flexible. It has 3 factors that make it easy to spec us in. Location, duration of service, and cups included. Our daily pricing makes it easy to know what your costs are.