We're Paving The Way Towards Waste-Free And Sustainable Coffee Solutions

Takeaway coffee with tulip latte art inside

We believe in making sustainability not just an option, but the heart of every event.

At Coffee on Cue, we're not just serving coffee; our ethos is poured into every aspect of our service, ensuring that we turn every event into an eco-conscious celebration.

Our Sustainability Partners

Waste Ninja coffee grounds bin for energy rejuvenation program

Waste Ninja

In collaboration with Waste Ninja, we make sure the end of your coffee's journey is just as green as the beginning by converting waste coffee grounds from each event into energy.

Coffee on Cue branded compostable coffee cup


Our single-use cups come from Biopak - they're compostable, ensuring they're part of a waste-reducing, earth-friendly cycle. It's a small detail that makes a big impact.

Recyclable Coffee on Cue branded coffee bag packaging


EcoBarista is our chosen partner for all coffee packaging needs, providing recyclable solutions that keep our operations as green and fresh as our coffee.

Good-edi edible coffee cups for events


Good-Edi's edible cups are not just a novelty; they're a smart, tasty way to reduce waste, offering a unique experience that's both enjoyable and responsible.

Our Approach To A Circular Economy

Reusable branded coffee cart panels for events

Reusable Branded Coffee Cart Panels

Your brand's identity shines with our branded coffee cart panels – designed for repeated use. A practical choice for any event, they're yours to use again, and we'll keep them safe until your next event.

Compostable branded coffee cups for events

Compostable Branded Coffee Cups

Our branded coffee cups are designed with both function and the environment in mind. They're compostable, and we ensure any unused cups are kept for future events, seamlessly supporting your ongoing sustainability efforts.

Coffee tubs for transporting beans at events

Coffee Tubs For Transport And Storage

We've adopted coffee tubs as a smart alternative to bags, greatly reducing plastic usage and exemplifying our circular economy mindset. This approach is just another way we make a big difference with a simple change.

Go waste-free at your next event with Coffee on Cue

Delegate receiving their coffee from trade show barista


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