Our Coffee, Sourced Directly From Farm To Cup

Coffee farm at origin in South America

A journey of quality, care, passion and transparency.

We source our beans from ethically-managed farms and rigorously select only the finest for roasting, ensuring each cup embodies our core values while offering a superior coffee experience.

Our 3R's Approach To Coffee Sustainability

Responsible sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Every bean is meticulously traced from its origin to ensure ethical sourcing and transparency. Our commitment to traceability affirms our support for ethical practices in farming, guaranteeing that each sip contributes to fair trade and sustainability.

Roasting with care

Roasting With Care

Our roasting is a model of sustainability, harnessing state-of-the-art methods for energy efficiency. We're dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint, ensuring that our pursuit of the perfect roast also preserves the perfect planet.

Recycling waste

Recycling Waste

We transport all waste coffee grounds to an energy rejuvenation facility, where they're transformed into green energy. This initiative closes the loop on waste, turning your coffee moments into sustainable energy solutions.

Coffee on Cue Elevate Blend 250g coffee


Elevate Blend

Milk Chocolate, Honey & Marmalade

Our Elevate Blend is a modern expression for what a coffee blend can be. It's balance between fruit, cocoa, acidity and sweetness makes it an irresistible and highly versatile coffee.

50% Colombia | Huila Excelso
50% Brazil | Mantiquiera de Minas

Coffee on Cue Classic Blend 250g coffee

Classic Blend

Dark Chocolate, Toffee & Hazelnut Praline

Made for the love and throwback for a coffee that tastes like a coffee. Our Classic Blend is balanced with sweetness and is perfect black or paired with milk.

40% Okapa, Papua New Guinea
40% Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil
20% Alto Palomar, Peru

Reusable branded coffee cart panels for events

Carts For Events

In-house barista cafe in JLL office

In-House Barista

Dr Coffee coffee zone servicing

Office Coffee Machines & Beans


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