The Humble Coffee Cart

The Secret To Hosting A Great Event

Conference delegates drinking coffee

Coffee Carts: A Rising Trend In The Events Industry

Coffee carts have become a prominent trend in the events industry across the world, helping to elevate the attendee experience with barista made coffee paired with impeccable service. From corporate events in Sydney, to conferences and sporting events in Melbourne, in Australia coffee carts continue to be a proven method to bring people together at events.

Why Coffee Carts Steal The Show At Events

When attendees arrive to an event, their first stop is always the coffee cart. It's where guests can mingle and connect over their favourite coffee beverages whilst having banter over the coffee machine with the barista - all without ever having to leave the event venue to find a drink elsewhere.

Branded full wrap coffee cart
Delegate collecting their coffee from barista

Selecting The Perfect Coffee Cart Hire Service For Your Events

There are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect coffee cart hire service, some of which include:

  • The food and drink menu

  • Type of coffee machines used

  • Whether a fridge is supplied

  • The dimensions of the coffee cart

  • Prices and any additional costs

When deciding on a supplier, it's important understand what will best suit your event or your clients requirements.

Food Catering: Sweet & Savoury To Suit All Occasions

Whether it be a conference or private party, where there is mobile coffee, there's generally delicious food to go with it. It could be something sweet to go with a coffee, or a complete food menu with savoury bites included too. What's most important is to provide plenty of options for your guests to ensure their needs are met.

Barista making coffee in corporate office
Corporate staff waiting at the coffee cart

Choosing The Right Theme For Your Event

Coffee carts often come with a range of theming options, helping to create the right mood and tie in the overall event aesthetic.

Branded Coffee Cart

A branded cart is the perfect way to draw the attention of your guests to the cart with a specific message.

Themed Coffee Cart

A themed coffee cart is a simple and stylish way to dress it up to match the rest of the visual elements.

Stainless Steel Coffee Cart

Some carts include a machine sitting on top of a stainless steel bench top. While this can provide an industrial-type look, it's important to check the dimensions of the machine and bench to ensure it can fit into your floor plan.

Two branded coffee carts on exhibition floor
Coffee cart at retail store activation event

Event Details: The Key To Seamless Operations

Obtaining and supplying as much detail as possible to the coffee cart hire company prior to the event can help to ensure success on the day.


Each venue is a little different, and getting access in and out can be tricky. Some vendors tow their coffee carts on a trailer whilst others operate their equipment and carts from a van. It's important to understand how a coffee cart supplier works and what the capacity is for the venue.

Equipment & Machines

Ensuring that each coffee machine, fridge and piece of electrical equipment is tested and tagged is a priority before allowing any hire company to work on site in a venue.

Coffee on Cue branded Toyota Hiace coffee van
Never fear your coffee is here t shirt

Marketing Your Event With The Allure Of A Mobile Coffee Cart

Coffee carts are a great way to grab attention and stimulate interest in your events. Branded coffee carts and coffee cups can act as powerful advertising tools, helping to promote your event and sponsors across multiple marketing channels.

Driving Social Media Engagement Through Coffee Carts

Whether it be a coffee cart down by the Sydney harbour, or inside of an iconic building in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, promoting the whereabouts of your event and coffee cart through social media channels can be an easy way to create buzz and hype surrounding your event.

Newport custom branded 8 ounce takeaway coffee cups
Custom branded takeaway coffee cups

The Economics Of Coffee Carts: Renting Vs. Buying

Investing in a mobile coffee cart in Sydney or Melbourne can be a big outlay. Storage costs aren't cheap, plus add to that sourcing the product and barista just to get it operational. When it comes to coffee carts, it's best to rent and leave it up to the professionals so that you can focus solely on hosting an amazing event.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Carts: A Sustainable Event Solution

Today, it's more important than ever to consider the impact of mobile coffee carts on the planet. Recyclable and compostable single-use products have now become the norm when it comes to event coffee cart sustainability in Melbourne and Sydney.

Conference delegates drinking takeaway coffee
Conference delegates drinking coffee during break

Curious To Find Out More About Coffee Carts?

If you're interested in hiring a coffee cart for your next corporate event in Sydney or Melbourne, or to get a quick price estimate, simply click here to view our coffee cart hire page. We have a range of coffee carts for hire suitable for all types of occasions.


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