What Is A Magic Coffee?

The Story & Origin Behind This Popular Drink

Coffee latte art in flat white

Coffee enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique and flavourful creations that push the boundaries of what a cup of Joe can be. One such creation that has been making waves in the coffee world is the "Magic" coffee drink.

Originating from the vibrant coffee culture of Melbourne, where latte art and coffee brewing are both taken very seriously, this milk-based beverage has captivated taste buds and sparked curiosity world-wide.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing tale of the magic coffee's inception, its distinctive composition, why it has gained such popularity among coffee connoisseurs and how to make a magic coffee at home all by yourself.

The Birth Of The Melbourne Magic Coffee At Brother Buba Budan

In the heart of Melbourne's bustling CBD coffee scene sits Brother Buba Budan, a café known for its innovative approach to coffee and its chairs stuck to the ceiling like a scene out of Inception.

It was here that the magic coffee first came to life, crafted by skilled baristas who sought to create a drink that stood out from the rest.

The café's commitment to quality and creativity birthed a beverage that would soon become a sensation.

Naked portafilter coffee extraction
Hands holding coffee drink

Crafting The Unordinary: The Magic Coffee Recipe

The magic coffee's allure lies in its meticulous and unique composition, which elevates it to a league of its own compared to your everyday espresso-based coffee drinks and regular flat white.

At its core, a magic coffee is an espresso-based milk coffee, but a little different from your regular flat white coffee or large latte.

It starts with a double ristretto shot and is combined with textured, silky milk and served three-quarters full.

The Double Ristretto Shot

A ristretto shot is a shortened extraction of espresso, usually cut at its halfway point, resulting in a bolder and more intense flavour profile.

In the case of the magic coffee, the double ristretto shots form the foundation for the drink, infusing the beverage with a robust coffee essence that awakens the senses and is a signature of the magic coffee taste.

The Art Of Steamed Milk Texturing

The steamed milk used in a magic coffee is meticulously textured to achieve the perfect balance between creaminess, silky texture and strength.

Unlike most milk-based coffee beverages, the magic is served with less milk and a smaller milk ratio - roughly three-quarters full, resulting in a smooth beverage and a stronger tasting flat white.

The Pouring Technique

What truly distinguishes a magic coffee is the way it's poured. Served in a ceramic cup which is the ideal cup for this drink, the foamed milk is carefully poured in, infusing with the double ristretto and filling it three-quarters full. A seasoned barista may even be able to pour some basic latte art with the steamed milk in the cup.

This pouring technique results in a flat white that hits the sweet spot, typically served with only a thin layer of foam on the milk's surface. Ensuring that there isn't too much foam or too much milk is important, so that the stronger coffee flavour and an ideal balance between the coffee's intensity and the milk's creaminess is present in the cup.

Double shot espresso extraction
Pouring steamed milk into espresso base

Magic Coffee Vs The Rest: Unraveling Its Unique Flavour Profile

Magic coffees offer a flavour profile that tantalises taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. Many cafes have chosen to include it on their menus as it became popular and common knowledge, and for good reason.

The combination of a the ristretto shot and textured milk results in a beverage that is bold, yet exceptionally smooth.

The initial notes are an explosion of rich coffee flavours, accentuated by the concentrated ristretto shot but without the bitter flavours or bitter notes associated with regular espresso shots.

As the drink lingers on your palate, the creamy milk texture tempers the intensity, creating a harmonious symphony of taste.

The result is a well-rounded and satisfying milk coffee experience that satisfies both coffee purists and those who enjoy the comfort of milk-based drinks.

The key difference between a magic coffee vs your everyday double shot flat white is its unique composition, which will always provide a concentrated coffee experience sure to curb even the strongest coffee craving.

A Trend That Transcends Borders: Magic Coffees Across The Globe

What began as an inventive creation and experimentation at Brother Buba Budan has transcended borders and captured the attention of coffee lovers worldwide.

Any barista working at a top-end specialty coffee shop will understand the beverage as a double ristretto flat white, whilst some of them might even know its origin from the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne.

As word spread about the magic coffee's unique composition and exceptional flavour, cafés around the globe began to offer their own interpretations of this enchanting beverage.

Some cafes have trialled versions with both a single espresso shot and double espresso base, whilst others have experimented with a single ristretto shot. There have even been different versions served in a small glass and some in larger mugs - each providing their own unique drinking experience.

But it can't be argued that the original Melbourne magic coffee reigns supreme, that not even the rest of the world could beat.

Double shot extraction from espresso machine
Barista pouring latte art

Brewing Magic Coffee At Home: How To Make A Magic Coffee For Yourself

The allure of a magic coffee isn't limited to café visits. With a few simple tools, good coffee and a passion for quality, you can recreate the magic coffee experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Essentials: Coffee Beans & Espresso Machine

Begin with freshly roasted coffee beans that are tailored to your taste - beans with notes of chocolate, nuts, or berries are the most popular choices for magic coffee. Make sure you grind your coffee on demand, ensuring you are using freshly ground coffee beans for each brew.

Dial in your grinder settings to ensure your coffee grinds are the correct size, and that your standard espresso shots and ristretto shots are to recipe.

You might also choose to program your espresso machine for ristretto shots.

The Ristretto Extraction

To extract a double ristretto shot on your espresso machine, you first need to prepare a double espresso shot. Use a double basket in your portafilter, and the same amount of coffee grinds as you would for a normal espresso shot.

When the shot reaches the halfway point of the extraction, cut the shot, and you'll be left with a shot that has less water and coffee than a standard double espresso.

Viola! You've just pulled a delicious double ristretto.

Texturing The Steamed Milk

For the steamed milk, you can opt for whole milk which will give you a super creamy, silky milk or a non-dairy alternative if that's your preference.

Start steaming and texture the milk only a tiny amount, so that you achieve the perfect amount of steam milk and thin layer of foam perfect for a flat white.

It might take a few tries to gauge how much milk you need in your pitcher jug to fill the cup up to three-quarters.

The Pouring Technique At Home

Now comes the fun part - pouring your coffee drink. Slowly introduce the milk into the cup with your coffee, and fill your cup three-quarters full.

That's it! You've now made a perfect three-quarter, double ristretto flat white magic coffee.

Of course, making your own magic coffee at home means you can change things up a bit. Perhaps try it with a standard espresso base, or with more milk or less water in the ristretto shot - the options are endless.

Latte art pour into a flat white
Regular flat white coffee

The Verdict?

Whether you're a regular flat white drinker, prefer a barista-made latte, or perhaps you can't go past a french press coffee, the magic coffee is definitely worth trying.

If you're looking for a quick caffeine fix like no other, and you're looking for something a little different to an espresso or latte, the magic coffee drink has quickly become a barista favourite.

A tip on how to order magic coffee - ask the barista first if they are aware of what the beverage is, just to ensure you get what you pay for.

Elevate Your Home Coffee Experience: Try Making Magic Coffee All By Yourself

Are you ready to experience the magic coffee for yourself? You can purchase a range of delicious coffee beans from our store, all perfectly suitable for you to create a magic coffee at home for yourself.

Take our flagship Elevate Blend, perfect for any type of coffee drink - latte, cappuccino, magic, you name it!

We hope you have fun experimenting and curating your very own version of the magic coffee drink.


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