Experience Barista-Quality Brews Right In Your Workspace.

Coffee on Cue in-house barista service in Melbourne

Envision your workspace where freshly brewed, barista-quality coffee becomes the heartbeat of collaboration and innovation.

A distinctive coffee service tailored for culture-driven and innovative companies. 

Enhance office coffee offering

Enhance Office Culture With Coffee

Boost engagement and foster deeper connections among employees with our barista in the office service, tailor-made for your team

Office coffee sustainably sourced

Sustainably Sourced Office Coffee

Drink with confidence, knowing every bean reflects your commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility

Office coffee flexibility

Flexible & Adaptable Service

From everyday brewing to large town hall meetings, our coffee service has the ability to scale to your needs

Ethically sourced coffee for office

Coffee With A Conscience

Through our charity program, each cup supports your vital cause. Boost team morale knowing each brew benefits your community

Corporate office staff enjoying their coffee break

Elevate Your Office Environment Through Premium Coffee Services

Our premium coffee service crafts an ambiance where every sip ignites creativity and camaraderie.

Beyond the immediate boost, high-quality coffee naturally elevates energy and focus, ensuring your team remains productive without ever needing to step out of the office.

Moreover, our offering isn’t just about coffee; it’s about catalysing collaboration.

Watch as our coffee transforms dormant corners into bustling hubs of brainstorming and bonding.

And through it all, rest assured that every coffee break is backed by our unwavering commitment to deliver consistent quality, each time, every time.

Barista in the office hero

Your Journey to Office Coffee Excellence

Discovery Meeting

We discuss your needs and explore the coffee models available to you

Tailored Proposal

We craft a proposal suited to your office's unique coffee preferences and requirements

Trial Period

You get to experience our full service, commitment-free, and we take your team's feedback

Service Commencement

With all details locked in, sit back and enjoy your exceptional office coffee service

5 star Google rating online

4.9-star Google rating, achieved through 150+ customer reviews.

Serving office coffee that is organic

Proudly serving sustainably and ethically sourced coffee

Australia's most trusted office coffee supplier

Australia's most trusted corporate coffee company for 10+ years

Introducing Coffee On Cue’s barista service at Toyota post-refurbishment has been transformative. The atmosphere is more vibrant, collaboration has surged, and our meetings are infused with energy and enthusiasm. Truly, an unmatched office coffee experience.

Joanne Bartholomeusz
Toyota Altona barista in the office setup

Ready to Elevate Your Office Coffee Experience?

Coffee latte art being poured at Showcase in Melbourne


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