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Coffee on Cue in-house barista service in Melbourne

Fuel collaboration amongst your staff and boost engagement in your workplace.

Our corporate coffee solutions and in-house barista coffee service are custom-tailored to suit any culture-driven, innovative company, no matter the size or location. 

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We Manage Everything, So You Don't Have To

✅ Fully managed, in-house cafe operation

✅ Best-in-class La Marzocco office coffee machines

✅ Professional baristas

✅ 100% sustainable and responsible products

✅ Premium cafe menu

✅ Digital and transparent reporting

✅ On-demand support

✅ Charitable donation cause

Our Sites

Office barista at 80 Collins Street Melbourne


80 Collins Street, Melbourne

Office barista at 2 Market Street Sydney

Charter Hall

2 Market Street, Sydney

Office barista at 636 St Kilda Road Melbourne

AMP Capital

636 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Toyota Altona barista in the office setup

Coffee on Cue’s in-house barista service at Toyota post-refurbishment has been transformative. The atmosphere is more vibrant, collaboration has surged, and our meetings are infused with energy and enthusiasm. Truly, an unmatched office coffee experience.

Kate Wallage

Our Custom-Tailored 4-Step Approach

Discovery meeting step 1 icon

Discovery Meeting

We discuss your office coffee needs and explore the corporate coffee solutions available to you

Tailored Proposal step 2 icon

Tailored Proposal

We craft a proposal suited in response to your office's unique coffee preferences and requirements

Trial period step 3 icon

Trial Period

You get to experience our full service, commitment-free, and we take your employees feedback and response

Service commencement step 4 icon

Service Commencement

With all details locked in, sit back and enjoy as our corporate coffee solutions bring your workplace to life

Ensure Zero Waste Compliance With Our Circular Economy Initiatives

We're dedicated to a business ethos rooted in sustainability, fairness, and ethical practices. We firmly believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, principles that are foundational to many business operations in everything we do.

Our operations are geared towards promoting environmentally responsible and ethical practices, committed to delivering exceptional coffee solutions for offices and businesses across Australia, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

In a crowded marketplace, choosing ethical options for great coffee can be daunting. Coffee On Cue is here to simplify that choice. Our transparent and trustworthy practices give our customers peace of mind, not just in the ethical integrity of our products and coffee solutions, but also in our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious business practices.

Coffee On Cue prides itself on offering a seamless, no-fuss service that aligns with your company's sustainability and social responsibility objectives. Whether your office is large or small, or you have specific budgetary considerations, we customise and supply the perfect coffee solution to meet your needs. From supplying eco-friendly coffee machines to delivering fresh, specialty coffee beans and responsibly managing coffee waste, we cover all the bases.

Waste Ninja coffee grounds bin for energy rejuvenation program

Coffee Grounds Collection

In collaboration with Waste Ninja, we remove all the coffee grounds from your office site free-of-charge, and transport them to their energy rejuvenation facility, converting organic waste into renewable green energy.

Reusable Coffee on Cue ceramic dine-in cups

Reusable Ceramic Cups

In an effort to have customers reduce single-use cup waste as much as possible, we're happy to offer ceramic dine-in cups in replacement of takeaway cups - helping to minimise your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Coffee tubs for transporting beans at events

Coffee Tubs For Transport

We've adopted coffee tubs as a smart alternative to bags, greatly reducing plastic usage and promoting a circular economy for our customers. We hand deliver and switch out our coffee tubs each week to your office site.

Office staff in the kitchen enjoying their coffee break

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential 💪 With Your Very Own In-House Barista And Office Coffee Machine

Our Office Coffee Machines And Equipment Mix

We're dedicated to providing corporate coffee solutions that transform your office space into a hub of creativity and collaboration.

Our choice of La Marzocco office coffee machines, accompanied with Mazzer Kony-E grinders, and Acaia Lunar Scales are at the heart of our premium office coffee machines and accessories range.

This expert equipment mix is carefully selected to deliver a perfect coffee solution that combines convenience, top quality products, and an unmatched coffee experience.

With these leading providers' machines at the helm, our baristas maintain meticulous control over every cup, ensuring each brew is a work of art.

The technical support behind these machines ensures a smooth, efficient service, with a range of features designed to suit the dynamic needs of bustling business operations across Australia.

From the velvety cappuccinos to the robust espressos, our setup is designed to cater to a diverse palate, guaranteeing every employee's taste is met with a fresh, amazing coffee.

The cleaning and convenience these machines offer to ensure that our service is not just a transaction but a holistic customer experience, enhancing the workplace and driving the progressive, service-driven ethos of our company.

La Marzocco Linea Classic S office coffee machine

La Marzocco Coffee Machines

The leading provider when it comes to the perfect office coffee machines - La Marzocco machines are the heart of our corporate coffee and coffee machine solutions, delivering barista-quality drinks that sustain the energy and creativity of your team in any business setting.

Mazzer Kony-E grinder for office coffee set up

Mazzer Kony-E Grinders

Mazzer Kony-E grinders bring precision to our corporate coffee machine solutions, offering an extensive range of grind settings to ensure each cup from our corporate coffee machines is crafted to perfection, enhancing the office coffee experience.

Acaia lunar scales for office coffee set up

Acaia Lunar Scales

The Acaia Lunar scales are a crucial part of our commercial coffee machine set up, ensuring the perfect office coffee machine solution with consistent, quality-focused measurements that contribute to the amazing coffee served in your office space.


Can the in-house barista service be tailored to our specific office needs?

Yes, our in-house barista service prides itself on its flexible, tailored approach, ensuring that we deliver a corporate coffee solution that seamlessly integrates with your business operations.

Whether it's a charitable donation cause you want to implement, or to include a catering offering as well, we adapt to create a consistent quality experience for your team.

What are the pricing models for your corporate coffee solutions?

We offer competitive and transparent pricing models for our coffee beans and in-house barista service, ensuring that we deliver value without compromising on the calibre of coffee provided.

Our models are fixed-rate so that we take the guesswork out, and are designed to suit offices with various budgets and office sizes.

How does the service integrate with our current office layout and facilities?

Our service is designed to complement your existing office environment efficiently.

We conduct a thorough assessment of your space and facilities to ensure that our coffee machines and baristas operate effectively within your layout, providing a convenient and high-quality coffee experience without disruptions.

Is there a minimum commitment period for the in-house barista service?

We understand the importance and necessity of flexibility in today's dynamic business world.

Thus, we offer clients various services and commitment levels to cater to your needs, including short-term options to ensure that our service aligns with your company's evolving requirements.

How quickly can the in-house barista service be set up in our office?

Our team is proficient in providing swift and efficient service setups, ensuring minimal downtime for your employees in your office.

Once specifications are finalised, we aim to have your in-house barista service up and running, ready to serve amazing coffee, within as little as 1-2 weeks.

What corporate coffee training do your baristas receive?

Our baristas are meticulously trained, focusing on both barista quality art and exceptional customer service.

They are equipped to handle a variety of coffee machines and to maintain the highest standards of coffee excellence, ensuring every cup served is a testament to our commitment to coffee perfection.

Do you offer any catering or food options as part of your corporate coffee solutions?

Yes, we offer not only great tasting coffee, but an extensive range of delicious food options as part of our services.

We're partnered with Noisette Bakery, Brasserie Bread and Munja Bakehouse, on-board to deliver quality products on-demand for your employees - just another of the great benefits of bringing your office coffee machine and catering all with the same commercial provider.

Are there options for non-coffee beverages with the in-house barista service?

Certainly, our service includes a full cafe beverage menu.

Beyond our signature Elevate Blend coffee, we offer a range of beverages including teas, hot chocolate, chai latte, cold drinks and other non-coffee options to cater to all preferences in your workplace.

How do you handle maintenance and cleaning of the coffee machines?

We ensure that the equipment remains in top condition following the install, with regular maintenance and cleaning, conducted by our skilled team.

This service is part of our commitment to providing a hassle-free coffee experience in your office.

What happens if there is an issue with the coffee equipment or service?

We're a progressive service driven company who prides themselves to deliver quality products and services at all times, and so our customer service team is on hand at all times to address any issues swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to your service.

With a proud focus on efficient resolution, we prioritise maintaining the high standard of our coffee offering and service, ensuring we have the capacity and process to manage our workplaces and sites at all times.

Do you offer any fully automatic coffee machines as part of your corporate coffee solutions?

Yes, we have an entire range of automatic coffee machines, available to purchase outright, on a rent-to-buy loan contract or simply coffee machine hire contract.

If you're considering whether your office could benefit from an automatic coffee machine, you can browse our office coffee machines and beans website page here to find the right coffee machine for you.

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