We Live For Moments Of Connection, With Ourself And Others.

Coffee on Cue team of barista staff

Our Story Began With A Cart And A Conversation.

Most event coffee is pretty bad. It’s often rushed and impersonal with little connection between the people serving and drinking it. Between all the seminars and screen time, we knew there had to be a better way of serving the masses, making sure every cup was memorable for all the right reasons.

Coffee on Cue company history journey and roadmap in landscape view
Coffee on Cue company history journey and roadmap in portrait view
Event guests waiting for their coffee at the coffee cart

Our Vision

To reach 25 million Australians through our coffee

We believe coffee is the conduit to conversation, and that more meaningful connections are formed when we’re fully present and in the moment.

We’re done with digital fatigue and living through our screens. We’re ready to restore real connection through quality coffee and event experiences lifted straight out of your local café.

Event baristas serving coffee to guests

Our Purpose

To create coffee worth talking about

We’re talking coffee that elevates events, makes room for better conversations, sustains long-lasting connections and supports flourishing communities.

Our Values

Coffee on Cue family first company value

Family First

We look out for one another, because when we support one another at work, we build a better, more balanced, life outside of it. 

Coffee on Cue honest and constructive communication company value

Honest and Constructive Communication

If it must be said, it must be helpful. We offer and receive feedback from a good place.

Coffee on Cue the little things matter most company value

The Little Things Matter Most

It’s the details that people don’t see that contribute to a great customer experience. We pay attention and work hard behind the scenes so that things ’just work’.

Coffee on Cue the duck gets it done company value

The Duck Gets It Done

Cool, calm and collected on the surface. Persistently paddling underneath it all. When the task ahead demands focus, we become the duck.

Coffee on Cue we stay hungry company value

We Stay Hungry

We’re a diverse team with unique talents and life experiences. We embrace new opportunities and welcome what’s next.

What We Do

It’s the great equaliser. A morning wake-up call. The cue to catch-up. A way to kick back.

See, coffee doesn’t just connect us with our better selves, it helps us create better connections with each other. 

And when we’re fully present, we can have more meaningful conversations and form better personal and professional relationships.

Coffee on Cue brings specialty coffee that elevates your brand experiences and complements your business connections in Melbourne, Sydney and online.

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Two coffee cart baristas making and serving conference guests

Our Coffee Carts

Barista pouring latte art into a takeaway Melbourne coffee cup

Types of Events

Fresh coffee beans being poured into a grinder hopper

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Office staff member receiving their coffee at the coffee cart

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