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Our Dr Coffee Machine Is Suited To All Types Of Corporate Workplaces

We're partnered with both Dr Coffee and La Marzocco, pioneering the perfect, office coffee machine solutions and perfect office coffee machines that are a blend of tradition and innovation. Our suite of commercial coffee machines includes the latest coffee machine equipment from Dr Coffee's automatic range and La Marzocco's reliable and high-quality cafe-style machines, ensuring every cup from our office coffee machines is a great barista quality coffee, crafted to perfection.

These partnerships allow us to provide an extensive range of automatic coffee machines and coffee solutions, from bean to cup, that promise to enhance the coffee experience in your workplace. With these partnerships, you not only receive a quality coffee machine but also full technical support, ensuring a seamless coffee service and perfect solution for your business and employees.

Whether it's a fresh milk-based coffee, a round of cappuccinos or a robust espresso, our coffee machines, backed by the renowned expertise of Dr Coffee and La Marzocco, deliver consistent excellence and a perfect cup of great tasting coffee every time. Designed for convenience, productivity and efficiency, these machines offer features that cater to all preferences, from grinders to customisable settings, ensuring a tailor-made coffee experience for every employee.

Embrace the benefits of a perfect office coffee machine setup with our extensive range of automatic office coffee machines, where not only do you receive a good coffee machine, but enjoy our premium service, tailored solutions, dedicated support, and top-tier automatic coffee machines all come together for the ultimate office coffee solution delivering cafe quality coffee.

Dr Coffee Coffee Zone office coffee machine

200 Cups Per Day

Dr Coffee Coffee Zone Coffee Machine

Fully automatic coffee machine

Perfect for small offices

Compatible with 10A power

Integrated milk system

Choc & chai dispenser

Built-in steam wand for alt milk texturing

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We Take Care Of Everything, So You Don't Have To

✅ Best-in-class coffee machines

✅ Flexible rental terms

✅ Easy-to-manage ordering

✅ Full range of office products available

✅ Hand-delivered coffee to your office

✅ Routine maintenance and service

✅ On-demand support

✅ On-the-ground technicians

Coffee on Cue Classic Blend 250g coffee


Classic Blend

Dark Chocolate, Toffee & Hazelnut Praline

Made for the coffee drinkers who love the taste of a traditional-style roast. Our Classic Blend is balanced with sweetness and makes a great coffee both black or paired with milk.

40% Okapa, Papua New Guinea
40% Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil
20% Alto Palomar, Peru

Coffee on Cue Elevate Blend 250g coffee

Elevate Blend

Milk Chocolate, Honey & Marmalade

Our Elevate Blend is a modern expression for what a great coffee blend can be. It's balance between fruit, cocoa, acidity and sweetness makes it an irresistible and highly versatile cup of coffee.

50% Colombia | Huila Excelso
50% Brazil | Mantiquiera de Minas

Partner With A Sustainably-Focussed Coffee Company

We're dedicated to a business ethos rooted in sustainability, fairness, and ethical practices. We firmly believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, principles that are foundational to everything we do.

Our operations are geared towards promoting environmentally responsible and ethical practices, delivering exceptional coffee solutions for customers and offices across Australia, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

In a crowded marketplace, choosing ethical options can be daunting. Coffee On Cue is here to simplify that choice. Our transparent and trustworthy practices give our customers peace of mind, not just in the ethical integrity of our products but also in our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious business practices.

Coffee On Cue prides itself on offering clients a seamless, no-fuss great service that aligns with your company's sustainability and social responsibility objectives. Whether your office is large or small, or you have specific budgetary considerations, we customise the perfect coffee solution to suit and meet your needs. From supplying eco-friendly coffee machines to delivering fresh, specialty coffee beans and responsibly managing coffee waste, we cover all the bases.

Fresh coffee beans being poured into a grinder hopper

Ethically Sourced Coffee

Our commitment to ethical green bean sourcing ensures that all farmers are paid above C-market prices for their crop, resulting in a sustainable and responsible whole bean supply chain.

Online, paperless coffee ordering for the office

Paperless Online Ordering

Our streamlined, paperless ordering system provides a modern, efficient, and eco-conscious way to enjoy our coffee, and make changes on-the-fly with the click of a button.

Recyclable Coffee on Cue branded coffee bag packaging

Recyclable Packaging

Our recyclable packaging offers a pragmatic solution to reducing single-use waste without compromising on either the quality of our coffee or its shelf-life.

Office staff in the kitchen enjoying their coffee break

Fuel collaboration amongst your staff and boost productivity in your workplace.

Our Range Of Products The Whole Office Will Love

Our exquisite product range is thoughtfully curated to provide a top-quality coffee experience that aligns with our dedication to sustainability and premium service. We proudly stock Biopak's compostable cups and lids, making every sip from our office coffee machines not just delightful but also environmentally responsible. Our commitment to choice and quality is reflected in our offerings of fresh milk, Bonsoy's rich soy milk and The Alternative Dairy Co's smooth almond and oat milk, catering to our clients' diverse preferences and health considerations with fresh, non-dairy alternatives.

Our partnerships extend to indulgent options like Black Gold Cacao's hot chocolate and chai latte powders, providing a comforting, warm embrace with every cup. For the tea enthusiasts, we present the extensive T2 tea range, featuring classic blends and styles that promise a refreshing break in any busy workday. Culinary excellence is delivered with Noisette and Brasserie Bread’s amazing pastry catering, ensuring that every bite of our flaky croissants and pastries is as memorable as the last.

For those with specific dietary needs, Munja's gluten-free catering offers delicious, inclusive options without compromise on taste or quality. To complement our beverages, we also offer San Pellegrino’s sparkling water, adding a touch of sophistication and hydration to our your office space and drinks selection. We strive to provide a customer experience that’s not just about a cup of coffee, but a symphony of premium products, reliable service, and a taste that resonates with excellence and sustainability in every office.


Can I get a free sample or trial of the coffee beans before committing to a purchase?

Yes, we're happy to arrange a sample pack of our coffee for you to taste our range before making a commitment.

We want to make sure you have great tasting coffee and are 100% satisfied with the coffee quality before committing to one of our office coffee solutions.

Are there any installation requirements for the coffee machines?

Installation is super easy, but the requirements vary depending on the machine. Each commercial coffee machine must have its own dedicated fresh water supply source and electrical socket.

Unfortunately our bean-to-cup coffee machine options don't accomodate a water tank setup, however they do have a simple screen touch operation, which is a treat to use when installing and fine tuning the office coffee machine.

We're more than happy to provide full technical specifications for our machines at request.

Are there any delivery charges for coffee supplies and office coffee deliveries?

We offer free delivery of your coffee machine and recurring coffee package to your office, which also includes a standard, regular maintenance check over your coffee machine.

Are the coffee machines easy to maintain and clean?

Our automatic office coffee machines have been selected with easy maintenance in mind, ensuring that cleaning and upkeep of the automatic office coffee machines are straightforward and hassle-free.

We're more than happy to teach and train any of your staff who are interested in learning the cleaning and maintenance training process and schedule.

What customer support services do you provide if something goes wrong?

We offer on-demand support from our BOH operations team, alongside on-the-ground support from our team of technicians, ready to assist with any issues you have.

What contract lengths are available?

We offer fixed 24- and 36-month coffee machine rental contracts on our coffee machines.

How do I manage my account and orders?

Once you sign your contract, we'll set up your account, allowing you to view your rental plans as well as enabling you to manage your orders and with the ability to order online as well.

There's no paperwork - you can customise your coffee order online giving you full control, and if you ever need to speak to one of our employees from our team today, we're just a phone call away.

Transform Your Workplace With Our Office Coffee Machines

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