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Coffee on Cue automatic office coffee machine with coffee beans

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A Suite Of Equipment To Suit All Types Of Corporate Environments.

Coffee on Cue fully automatic office coffee machine

Super Automatic Machines

Coffee on Cue's super automatic machines deliver a barista style coffee with the push of a button.

La Marzocco Linea Classic office coffee machine

La Marzocco Machines

La Marzocco - the backbone of the specialty coffee industry. Offer the exact quality of your local hero cafe right in your office.

Coffee on Cue Elevate Blend 250g coffee


Elevate Blend

Milk Chocolate, Honey & Marmalade

Our Elevate Blend is ethically sourced and small-batch roasted in-house to make sure every cup tastes just as intended.

50% Colombia | Huila Excelso
50% Brazil | Mantiquiera de Minas

Coffee on Cue Classic Blend 250g coffee

Classic Blend

Dark Chocolate, Toffee & Hazelnut Praline

Made for the love and throwback for a coffee that tastes like a coffee. Our Classic Blend is balanced with sweetness and is perfect black or paired with milk.

40% Okapa, Papua New Guinea
40% Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil
20% Alto Palomar, Peru

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Create an easy and free wholesale account on our website

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Experience Coffee Excellence at Your Fingertips

Premium beans elevating every sip, transforming your workplace coffee experience.

Ground coffee inside of espresso portafilter
Coffee on Cue head roaster roasting coffee in Melbourne

Our Approach To Equity & Sustainability

We're dedicated to a business ethos rooted in sustainability, fairness, and ethical practices. We firmly believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, principles that are foundational to everything we do.

Our operations are geared towards promoting environmentally responsible and ethical practices, delivering exceptional coffee solutions for offices across Australia, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Coffee farmer children walking through coffee trees on plantation in Colombia

In a crowded marketplace, choosing ethical options can be daunting. Coffee On Cue is here to simplify that choice. Our transparent and trustworthy practices give our customers peace of mind, not just in the ethical integrity of our products but also in our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious business practices.

Coffee On Cue prides itself on offering a seamless, no-fuss service that aligns with your company's sustainability and social responsibility objectives. Whether your office is large or small, or you have specific budgetary considerations, we customise the perfect coffee solution to meet your needs. From supplying eco-friendly coffee machines to delivering fresh, specialty coffee beans and responsibly managing coffee waste, we cover all the bases.